A Color for any Palette

Garden roses are more than just the pretty red, long-stemmed ones you see at the flower shop. They are plants with a variety of color, texture and use in the home garden. Easy Elegance® roses go even one step further. Easy Elegance® roses are shrub roses that are meant to last in the landscape. They are cold hardy, heat tolerant and naturally disease resistant. On top of that, the whole color spectrum is represented, so these roses can fit into any landscape. From white to yellow to pink and red, name your favorite rose color and we've got you covered! From long-stem type roses to compact varieties and those that grow in clumps, Easy Elegance® roses also provide a variety of sizes and texture to make your garden even more spectacular. Want more information? Visit the Easy Elegance® website, or follow this color wheel around to learn about some of the most popular varieties. Starting at the bottom left with the white rose:

Champagne Wishes Rose

Macy's Pride™ Rose

Yellow Brick Road Rose

Music Box Rose

Coral Cove Rose

Calypso Rose

My Girl Rose

Little Mischief Rose

Kashmir Rose

Screaming Neon Red™ Rose

Como Park Rose