All the color & beauty
of roses without all
the fuss

Learn why Easy Elegance Roses®
should be in your garden

Ideas & Inspiration

Roses are a beautiful standout in any garden and bring a show of color to the landscape all summer long. Check out the creative ways people are using Easy Elegance Roses.

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    A variety of Easy Elegance® Rose colors bring excitement and style to your garden.

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  • In Containers

    In Decorative Containers

    Pair the beauty of roses with the flexibility of movement by planting your rose shrubs in containers.

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  • As Cut Flowers

    As Cut Flowers

    Enjoy your roses indoors and out. Cut beautiful blooms for arrangements and bouquets throughout the summer.

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Design & Grow

Let us show you how to create, grow and maintain beautiful rose plants.

  • In Containers

    Grow in containers

    Easy Elegance Roses are incredibly adaptable and wonderful focal point as container plantings.

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  • Planting & Care

    Planting and Care

    Easy Elegance Roses do best in well-drained soil with at least 5-6 hours of sunlight every day.

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  • Garden Plans

    Garden Designs

    Try one of these easy and elegant designs in your own garden.

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